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Planned activities, Summer 2018

The next couple of months will be a busy time for Kamal ud Din and the Felix team. Here is a list of our planned activities...

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Kamal at work
Kamal at work
Here is a list of our planned activities in the coming few weeks and months. We'll publish reports and updates to let you know how we're getting on:


  1. Content+Pedagogical Refresher Course for Hushe Valley Teachers from 18th of July to 30th July.
  2. Disease prevention sessions and health sensitization program, to be held in the schools during July.
  3. Painting course for Hushe Valley students in July.
  4. Leadership course for the Hushe Valley Project Schools' head teachers in August.
  5. Training course for the School Management Committees in August.
  6. Gender training for teachers in July.
Busy times ahead!
Busy times ahead!


  1. Right to Quality Education workshop.
  2. Workshop for placement of children with disabilities in schools.


  1. Project School Science Exhibition and Sports Week in July-August.


  1. First term examination for the Hushe Valley Project Schools' Board from 4th to 14th July.
  2. 20th July to 10th August: Summer vacation for our Private Project Schools.
  3. Hard work brings rewards!
    Hard work brings rewards!
    17th July to 7th August: Summer vacation for our Government Project Schools.
  4. Project School Study Tours are planned from 21st to 28th of June.
  5. Grant selections will take place in July.


  1. School Management Committee Tour to Hunza Schools from 24th to 1st of July.

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