Ticker: |  2018-03-11 : FFB and BF will continue the next two year with the project of 'SHARBA SABAQ'                    |  2018-03-11 : Probitas Project will be working on health and disease prevention for the community                    |  2018-03-11 : Vocational Centres are now operating in four communities in the Valley (Saling, Talis, Machulo and Hushe)                    

Contact us

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Contact us

Felix Foundation Baltistan

Village & P.O. Box Machulo
Tehsil Mashabroom
District Ganche

Telephone: +92-58164-58071
Cellphone: +92-355-5250-691

Email: Info

Baltistan Fundazioa

PO Box 48
Aretxabaleta 20550

Bilbao Office
46-4-2. atea

Telephone: +34-944-05-97-88
Cellphone: +34-673-96-98-76

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