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A School for Deaf Children Stranded in Pakistan

Aniqa is a teacher working with deaf children from the Hushe Valley at a school in Skardu. She was recently invited to visit Bilbao by the Baltistan Fundazioa. While in Spain she made a presentation at a conference and gave an interview to the radio station Cadena SER.

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Aniqa Bano, a teacher from Saling was recently interviewed by a radio station in Bilbao, Spain. Aniqa teaches deaf students from the Hushe Valley at a school in Skardu. She was invited to visit Balbao by the Baltistan Fundazioa.

A school for deaf children stranded in Pakistan
A school for deaf children stranded in Pakistan

Read more and listen to the interview
on the Cadena SER website here.

Here is a translation from the Cadena SER website

At the invitation of the Baltistan Fundazioa, Aniqa Bano shared her project at a recent conference that took place on November 9.

Aniqa is a 32-year-old woman born in Saling, Baltistan, a mountainous region located in the northeast of Pakistan. The mother of a deaf child, she decided to give a second chance to other children with this disability living without resources in their country. In 2013 she created Narjis Khatoon, a Foundation for Health and Education based in Skardu. Since then, it has educated and trained 26 children.

This Wednesday, November 9, Aniqa gave a lecture at 19.00 in the Sala Rekalde. She was invited by the Baltistan Fundazioa, an NGO working for integral human development of the indigenous communities of the Hushe Valley.

Two girls studyingIn the words of Aniqa, "this project aims to provide for these children's education and empowerment, and also to change the way people think". To do this, she started with a small group of children who taught in one of the rooms of her own home. The count now has reached 26 children, 18 of which are local.

Asked about upcoming projects, Aniqa explained that their land is very rich in fruit, so that they will take advantage of this potential and teach the girls and boys to gather fruit and to process it, to ensure that in the future they can become independent and will be able to run their own store or restaurant.

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