Get involved

The FFB relies on supporters for funding, most of which is channeled to us through the Baltistan Fundazioa, our partner organisation in Spain. We also welcome volunteers willing to share their skills to help the communities of the Hushe Valley.

Corporate collaboration

Our partner organisation, the Baltistan Fundazioa, also has opportunites for corporate collaboration:

  • Directed donations to a specific project. For those companies interested in collaborating on a specific area. Depending on the project and the actions that are planned for the year, the company can allocate its collaboration with specific activities such as construction of a building or infrastructure. These partners receive a full report of the project in which they participated. Thus the company may see its aid in a more tangible way.
  • General support grant to the Foundation's work. For companies that want to collaborate with the Foundation and have no preferences when it comes to earmarking their contributions.
  • Corporate Volunteering: The formats may be varied, but it is desirable that the activity and experience of the company can add value to the Foundation or the projects.
  • Institutional Partners: For those companies whose commitment to the Foundation is larger and more stable over time. Establishing a minimum fee of €3,000 per year. These companies will receive updated information, both individual projects and the management of the Foundation.
  • Gift solidarity: The Baltistan Foundation has different gifts to give to customers, employees, suppliers, etc.
  • Donation to support emergency relief efforts following flooding in August. These companies will receive detailed information on the relief and reconstruction work carried out with their contribution.