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Felix Foundation Baltistan
Ticker: |  2018-04-23 : Alhamdulilah! The Foundation achieves a new milestone with the approval of the Munawar Higher Secondary School!                    |  2018-03-11 : FFB and BF will continue the next two year with the project of 'SHARBA SABAQ'                    |  2018-03-11 : Probitas Project will be working on health and disease prevention for the community                    |  2018-03-11 : BF got the approval from Aretxabaleta to construct two classrooms for Munawar Public School Machulo                    |  2018-03-11 : Vocational Centres are now operating in four communities in the Valley (Saling, Talis, Machulo and Hushe)                    

FFB school transport projects

Most of the villages in the Hushe Valley have schools catering for younger students but continuing education for older students means travelling to the town of Khaplu, some distance away. Many parents cannot afford or do not want to pay for their children to travel, preventing them from completing their education and limiting their opportunities as adults. The FFB runs a number of transport projects providing free travel to the students, these include specific projects aimed at girls.

Free School Transport for Girls
A new free transport system for girls!
2018-04-01 14:45:30
School transport project
The FFB provides jeep transport for older students to continue their education in Khapulo.
2018-04-02 09:10:16
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