Students show their appreciation

We received an appreciative letter from some students of Machulo. Their appreciation letter theme was quiet satisfactory from winter tuition camps of FFB and set hope for good in future as well. They are relying towards FFB winter classes for good academic image to them and to upcoming generations as well. Their parent’s comments were precisely mentioned in their script as thanking to FFB for such kind of educational enhancement for all the students without any discrimination. The students mentioned their progress and scripted down a thanking note to FFB. These students were facilitated in last year winter tuition camp.

A Machulo student

The last year winter tuition camp of higher classes result was too good. All the winter tuition classes attended students secured 100% result in their annual board examination. The participated students of winter tuition, considered the effectiveness of winter classes as securing their academic result in comparing to those students who did not attend winter classes. Their figurative result is quiet good and the most important factor that we noticed in the society, for education, is the interest and care of parents for their children’s education by appreciating the resource facilitators and encouragement of other habitats. The rest of schools of Hushe Valley are exposing quiet satisfactory progression in educational development, society contribution, social awareness about winter tuitions, ability of acceptance towards education learning during regular time frames of schools and winter tuitions as well. The interesting script is the perfect progression of students who are either direct or indirect stakeholders of Felix Inurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo socio-educational development project.

Biscay Project approval for two years

Munawar Public School Machulo, Saling Unique Public School, Mir Aliwa Public School Marzigond and Mashabrum Public School Hushe has approved for two year through Biscay Project. This project will facilitate educational masses for two years. Biscay will operate the existing educational programs of FFB and Baltistan Foundation. The girls tuition fee, Teacher’s Salaries, Teacher Professional Trainings, Gender, Health, Masculinity, right to education workshops for the approved four schools and 12 scholarships for female students of the Valley who finished their secondary level and intending to study higher level in other cities of Pakistan. Vocational Trainings in Machulo Valley are also programing from this year again but under two year Biscay Project.

Munawar School exams over for 2014

School exams in progress

Munawar Public School Machulo has finished Annual Examination 2014 on 29th November. The annual result announcement event has been scheduled on 7th December Sunday. The Deputy Director Education Ghanche will be the Chief Guest, Syed Muhammad Shah Head Master High School Machulo, Engineer Muahammad Ashraf and Muhammad Zarif agriculture officer Ghanche will be the speakers on the following topics: "Right to education" and "Importance of Women Education in Machulo Valley".

FFB has a Facebook Page!

We the staff of FFB created a page on Facebook and committed to socialize the educational activities in Machulo Valley. This social site will link to all the stakeholders, easy to aware and it will help in future for attracting donors for Machulo Valley educational Development. Visit us on Facebook.