Annual results for academic year 2014

By Kamal ud Din (PM FFB) 22 December 2014


Khaney village has not such number of population where a high school could construct and run. The village location is quite different than other villages. The local student need to travel from their hometown to Kanday or else. They used to travel 3 hours daily till to return to their home from High school of Kanday. The local community took keen interest in this matter and stood up to resolve this matter. They searched donors and request to different individual and institutional donors for support to education. They found their effort outcome in shape of Juniper Trust, Mark and Monika, KE, Clare, BF and FIFBM. Today their primary school developed in a High school with a perfect standard. The primary school now gradually reached 10th standard Science education. This institution is only the one in the Machulo Valley where Science education is being teaching.

The local education committee formed by felix foundation for easy operational management tasks in this school. FIFBM manage collaboratively the donation and government tactics. The eight and fifth class appeared in elementary board exams and got the honor of single school where eighth class got 100% result among all other middle school exams in District Ghanche. The function starts with recitation of Holy Quraan. Then students called up at stage to perform. They played their level best performance. Their performances were telling the teacher effort and the student’s concentration over co-curricular activities. The education committee members delivered their speeches on the school management, sponsorships and teachers effort during past and current times. They were much happy with the result and relationship with FIFBM and teachers. They have hope of optimism. GC FIFBM being call upon stage and he expressed precisely the past, ongoing and future intentions to the audience. He try to mobilize the parents towards educational development role. He admired the talent and got gifted talent to the Khaney village.

After the session, we the FIFBM and education committee members discussed the matters with teachers. We shared the event videos, pictures of MPS function. They promised to opt the same and better roles in next function. We expressed the upcoming events and its procedure in this short-cum informative session. We all committed to promote students talent by grooming their level of confidence through curricular and co-curricular activities during academic years.

The annual result announcement function moments and results are below.




Photographs of the award ceremony