Report on Annual Result Announcement of Munawar Public School Machulo III

December 2014

By Kamal ud Din (PM FFB) 22 December 2014


Munawar Public School Machulo has the vision to promote quality education throughout in Machulo Valley. Government of Gilgit Baltistan Department of Education District Ghanche and Felix Foundation signed an agreement to promote quality education in Machulo Valley. The both parties agreed to run the basic classes through consultancy and with fine management of BF & FIFBM bodies. The existing government primary school was not with the facility of room furnish, decoration of charts, teachers training, modern teaching method, purposeful evaluation system and implementation process. Later, FIFBM and GOVT signed the agreement and started FIFBM contribution to this school. This will receive step by step conversion into modern model school after five exclusive years. This school performance is rising day by day towards better quality and protuberant change in society thinking.

Today, this school (MPS III) announced annual result of academic year 2014. The principal of MPS III Khadim Hussain make a public call two days ago about result announcement and he added his message to participate maximum parents in this session to know the educational matters. The Day 13 December 2014 10:00 am decided to set the session. Morning starts with curiosity to know the event performance of their children, annual progress and teachers’ effort on school development. Parents winded up quickly as compare to rest of days domestic chores. They were rushing towards school with neat and clean. The children were already there and looking so much excited on this day. The decoration was so good and impressive. Decoration picture was telling itself that efforts were excelled for this day.

Finally, the result announcement function starts with the name of ever greatest ALLAH. Khadim leaded first and expressed his ideas and school academic year ups and downs. He complained to parents that except few of them other all did not make a single visit to school to ask about their children. He admired as well that whenever guests and such sort of functions being scheduled, you all visit and help out to browse children self-confidence. The next student call up for greet to the last messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The, national songs sang, delivered speeches in English and Urdu. The parents were majority of WOMEN and its quiet good to see their active participation.

The 2nd phase of session starts by chief guest GC FIFBM speech. He stress to the parents for do concentration towards education. FIFBM is thankful to you all for collaboration and admirable respect for donors. He expressed the details of expenditures and its execution process in MPS III clearly to the parents. They clapped on the news of Biscay projecting this school too and loudly thanked to BF, BISCAY and FIFBM for such tremendous cooperation.

The next call unintentionally was me. I started with greetings to the guest of honor and thanking to parents for participates to promote education. The school where I was standing today and delivering a speech on importance of education to the parents was my first school from grade one to grade five. I enjoyed a lot and thanks to ALLAH and the ever perfect teachers Fida Muhammad and Fida Ali. The voice narrow down towards the importance and solid result of education that I studied here in this school and today I am in front of you. So, education can’t take instant changes. We need to excel our efforts, have to invest for the best business which will give income directly and indirectly in our society. The person who gets education gets respects, economic stability and major role to develop the society. I referenced the verse that ALLAH says “Allah is the enchanting light”. The light is greater or Allah? And on the other occasion Allah says that “Education is the enchanting light”. We can’t challenge Allah because He has the best knowledge. I explained with the example of sun. The light has a good and perfect quality that it doesn’t discriminate poor and rich, younger and elder, minor and major and white and black but it light equally to all the world habitats. That is why Allah says education is light. The education can make equal light to all the habitats. If we crop or cultivate and invest our resources in it then one and each family can benefited. If we invest on education then this light will give equal opportunity to rise to everyone. I requested to all of them for make their best investment priority on education and thanked to all for their time in this harsh time of winter season. Congratulate to the students who got position and scored high ranking mark line.

The government school principal Fida Muhammad delivered an impressive speech on women importance in the society to enhance quality education being a mother. He quoted that “knowledge is power”. He explained the quotation as describing his past experiences, other few educationists of the valley and current examples of our students here. He added to his speech about the services of BF & FIFBM in this school. He admired the way of progression in Machulo Valley by FIFBM and BF donors. He expressed to motivate parents towards importance of women education in the modern era especially in Hushe Valley.

The result announced by the lady teachers and their confidence were quiet good. They also make a short but impressive message to parents for educational development and their role. The result looks quite good and parents were compassionate about the school progress.

A representative from Parents makes an impressive speech about the importance of women and children education. He added that every parent must thankful to BF & FIFBM for their endless effort for donation to develop Machulo Valley.

The award distribution ceremony started and the position holders were grabbing their trophies with their parents. The session winded up after two and half hour.