Pedagogical Skill Training For Hushe Valley FFB Project Schools' Teachers at PDCN

(16 - 27 February, 2015)

By Kamal ud Din (Program Manager FFB) 01 February 2015

  1. Overview
  2. Hushe Valley Teachers
  3. Teachers List
  4. Day 1 Monday
  5. Day 2 Tuesday
  6. Day 3 Wednesday
  7. Day 4 Tuesday
  8. Day 5 Friday
  9. Day 6 Monday
  10. Day 7 Tuesday
  11. Day 8 Wednesday
  12. Day 9 Thursday
  13. Day 10 Friday
  14. Group Photo
  15. Award Distribution Ceremony
  16. Dr. MolaDad
  17. Closing Ceremony and Conclusion



Felix Foundation Baltistan and the counterpart Baltistan Foundazoa has been working for socio-economic development of Hushe Valley. The field of education is the most priority project for development of the valley. The two year Biscay project aimed to promote the level of quality in education via various educational activities in Hushe Valley. In this regard, 23 teachers of the valley from projecting schools of Hushe Valley by FIFBM selected to give training of pedagogical skills. The trainers will easily lend a hand in educational development after completion of the Pedagogical two week course in Professional Development Center, North-Gilgit.

Hushe Valley Teachers

The trainees from projecting schools and new recruited staff are enlisted below. The following course participants in whom some are existing staff of projecting schools and some are quiet newly recruited. These teachers are almost not familiar with pedagogical skills. Felix Foundation organized this two week pedagogical course for the enlisted teachers of Hushe Valley with fine collaboration of Baltistan Foundation under two year Biscay project for Hushe Valley.

We communicate effectively to all projecting school of Felix foundation and managed the timeline of 15th February to start the journey of professional learning towards AKU-PDCN Gilgit. Early morning Hushe school teachers passionately arrived Machulo by picking up Kanday and Marzi Gond Teachers. Munawar Public School Machulo teachers stepped in the van round about 6:30 in the morning which we could imagine that birds were almost sleeping. The van moves towards Khaplu and we came to know from Saling that the selected new female teacher canít go to PDCN because their parents are not agreeing to send her.

The trainees were so curious to learn something new and their faces expressions depicting the picture of curiosity to have something new professional skill development. Their voices, negotiations, discussions and comments while traveling were quiet listenable. They were admiring the way by which BF & FIFBM aimed to promote the Valley.

Teachers List

S.No Name of candidate Sex Desig. School
1M.KhanMTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
2Zafar IqbalMTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
3Ehsan AliMTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
4NuzhatFTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
5NahidaFTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
6KhurshidaFTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
7HakeemaFTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
8ZainabFTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
9Akbar AliMTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
10M.Ali Badel MTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
11Khadim HussainMTeacherMunawar Public School Machulo
12RubabaFTeacherMashabrum Public School Hushe
13Ghulam AbbasMTeacherMashabrum Public School Hushe
14Ali MuhammadMTeacherMashabrum Public School Hushe
15Khadim AliMTeacherMashabrum Public School Hushe
16Haseena BegumFTeacherMashabrum Public School Hushe
17Muhammad AminMTeacherAmin Braq Public School Kande
18Ilyas HussainMTeacherMir Aliwa Public School Marzigond
19Fatima BanoFTeacherMir Aliwa Public School Marzigond
20Dawood AliMTeacherMir Aliwa Public School Marzigond
21M. HaidariMTeacherUnique Public School Saling
22AbdullahMTeacherUnique Public School Saling
23Kamal ud DinMProgram ManagerFelix Foundation Baltistan

The majority of them were new for each other. They understood each other in a short time of traveling from Khaplu to Gilgit. The two coach travelers stepped in PDCN at evening. The females were looking unbelievable expressions due to the journey and vomits. Male participants helped them a lot and their respective relationship creates a positive and encouraging impact amongst both parties. The tired faces unwillingly wind up dinner and rush towards bed to rest.

The morning starts with guiding the principles of this institute like to take breakfast by self services, about library and its book availability, internet and games time facilities, washing cloths and iron etc. After breakfast I guided them to prepare with good dress, washed faces, polished shoes and good looking expression for our session. I gave responsibility to one male and one female familiar participant from Hushe Valley about PDCN and its norms to elaborate time to time and as per requirement to the new comers. These two helped me in a good way and easily communicated.

Day 1 Monday

Our name and schools etc details recorded as enrollment or registration. The session starts with the name of Allah who is the most gracious and merciful. Soon the next was introduction of course participants and the teacher Sultan Aalam. After tea break we processed the pre test about existing competencies of (Course Participants) CPs. The alternative teaching method was the topic of the day in which we learned about “inquiry”, “Analogies”, “Problem solving”, “Modeling”, “Exposition”, “Discussion”, “laboratory”, “Story telling”, “Cooperative”, “group” based new and traditional teaching methods. Meanwhile lunch break drew us towards dining table.

Computer Class
I and Zafar Iqbal “a computer course granted student of FIFBM” manage 40 minutes computer usage session in library after lunch for teachers. We introduced them about Google, its searching and way of access to knowledge. They were quiet happy to see using computer by them. Majority of them were not familiar with computer usage and internet as well. Teachers searched the difficult meanings of modern teaching methods which taught before lunch in class room. Thus their confusion about topics got clearer picture by learning visually and practically as well. The use of technology was interesting for them.

Rest of Session
We back to class table for remaining teaching strategies and its discussion. The participantís majority felt problem while listening heavy words and terms like analogies, comics, etc. As far as during communication the teacher used many English words which majority of them felt difficulty to understand. End of the session we negotiate this problem with the teacher. We talked about computer session and reflective session after lunch and dinner in computer lab and in social area of PDCN. I request to the teacher to arrange our reflective session in social area and he approved it. The day end here for class activities.

Pray and Play
We were free and rested for brunch. All teachers prayed and moves to ground for some games and few female teachers rush away to the market for shopping. Play closed after one hour. Prayed and rest for half an hour.

Reflective session
We did dinner in a very calm way. All teachers were satisfied and good looking. After dinner we set a white board in social area for 2 hour reflective session. I already assigned roles to Zafar and Nuzhat for reflect the whole day lesson. First Zafar and secondly Nuzhat stood up and starts with the name of ALLAH. They both recalled all teaching methods which taught during our day session in class room. I supported whenever they needed improvement, suggestions, details etc. The reflective session closed with a good retrieval of class memories of the day. All the teachers went back to their rooms with few books from library to read in free time at night.

Proposal Writing
I have identified five future leaders from Hushe Valley which I think that these candidates are suitable future leaders from Hushe Valley amongst rest of teachers. These teachers were quiet happy to learn proposal writing. I learned proposal writing during my last visit to PDCN. I started from day first to teach proposal writing for these five teachers.

S.No Name Qualification School Experience
1Zafar IqbalB.A B.Ed ContMunawar Public School Machulo3 years teaching in MPS
2Nuzhat (Female)M.A Edu ContMunawar Public School Machulo2 years teaching in MPS
3Muhammad KhanB. com , C T contMunawar Public School Machulo2 years teaching in MPS
4Khadim AliB.A, B.EdMashabrum Public school Hushe.4 years teaching in H, MPS
5Ghulam AbbasB.A, B.EdMashabrum Public school Hushe.4 years teaching in H, MPS
I am as a facilitator discussing proposal writing with these five participants.

We discussed SWOT analysis of selected topic “Hushe Valley Education Improvement” as it needs to take decision for the initiative in Hushe Valley. The participants were looking curious to gain proposal write up via these twelve days duration from me. I am trying my level best to communicate all the steps of proposal writing with them. I am refereeing to the teacher as well whenever I canít understand about any step. We finalized our topic here and move towards sleeping world around 11:00 of night.

Day 2 Tuesday

Same routines and we entered in class with a fresh and too good looking faces to learn new and more. Today our teacher was not as same last day. Today, sharifullah Baig was the instructor. He taught us reflective practices and its types. Reflective methods taught in detail. He even divided all of us in various groups to do that with practically. Every group prepared a write up of reflective practices for their classes when they will go back to their class rooms in Hushe Valley.

Computer Class
We sit in computer lab today with my request acceptance from PDCN officials. Today we taught them how to search teaching methodologies on internet by seeing pictures. That was home work as well and we taught them by searching on Google. Majority of boys were not much familiar with internet using and all girls were quiet unknown to internet. They are passionately searching and understanding class lectures by help of Google.

Rest of Session
We back to class table for remaining reflective practices and presentations. Every group presented their part of activity and the teacher guided where teachers required help. This session got much interesting by playing various sort of presentation method with some interesting moments.

Pray and Play
We were free and rested for brunch. All teachers prayed and moves to ground for some games and female teachers entered in library for internet usage and to take books for reading at night and in free times. Play closed after one hour. Prayed and rest for half an hour.

Reflective session after dinner at social area of PDCN

We did dinner around 7 in evening. After dinner we placed the white board for reflective session. We distributed all course participants into different group and start to complete home task which assigned by the teacher for those groups in class.

Proposal Writing
Today we discussed PESTE analysis step with three activities by discussing Hushe Valley education improvement steps. We analyzed “enrolment campaign”, “awareness session” and “Teacher Training” in Hushe Valley that if we are going to implement these activities then is there any difficulty or harmful impact from Political, Economical, Social, Technological and Educational changes in next coming years. We discussed in detail one by one and deeply about these expecting aspects. Session ended and move towards rooms to sleep.

Day 3 Wednesday

We start with the name of Allah who is the most gracious and merciful. He teaches us student assessment and its types practically. Meanwhile I took a lady teacher to hospital for checkup. We did checkup and returned around 11:30. I again participated in the session and sir was teaching constructed assessment question, multiple choice questions and extended response questions preparation for summative and formative assessment of students.

Participants took participation by having keen interest and presented their group worked charts and prepared models in the class room. The content chose from school syllabus and according to it let them prepare questions for formative and summative assessment.

Pray and Play
Today we played with something different as all participants actively participated in the game. We invited to play females as well. They happily accepted and intended to play from tomorrow. Few of them played cricket with all of us and we let them learn this game. We have hoped that these females will come tomorrow again for play after session.

Reflective session
We revised all the day session in detail. We divided CPs into different groups and let them complete home tasks which given by sir sharifullah Baig. He gave us home task of reflective practice of last session. All participants completed it and presented it to all by standing in front of all CPs.

Proposal Writing
Today we discussed rest of few activities. We completed new activities as quality education for higher classes and language skills. We analyzed these two in much more detail. All the teachers are passionately learning and discussing all issues and topic related activities. The session closed for this day and back to rooms for sleep around 10:30.

Day 4 Thursday

Today session was about parent involvement in schooling and home for student education. Madam Abida delivered the lecture about parent involvement. There are four major types of parentís attitude towards their children. One is authoritarian: this type of parentís attitude is too much aggressive, donít hear the child, and donít sit with the child to complete the school tasks. This type of attitude is harmful for students and they will become moody, quick anger show-man, canít question, stop learning etc. The second type of attitude of parent is Authoritative: this attitude is quiet normal, listen the child, include in the domestic decisions, sit near by the child and let him/her finish the home work, help in study, if mistake occurs from the child then parents politely forbid so that they could avoid and will save to become irritating attitude.

Third type of attitude of parent is Uninvolved: this type of parent attitude neither ask about the child, nor care of him/her. Do not include them in decision making, do not ask about study, life, problems, society, friends, relatives, events, needs etc. This type of children will detract quickly from study. They will become rebel, smoker, thief, aggressive, week in study, life looks like a mountain, and many other bad habits will adopt soon or in early age. The fourth type of attitude of parent is Permissive: this type of parent is too much polite, hostile, lover, and they wish to see happy face of their child. This will cause to become child irritating, moody, less care taker, slow learner, decision making problem, face hurdle in life to learn, become irresponsible and less differentiate between right and wrong.

Computer Class
Soon after lunch we sit in computer lab. Today, I teach them to access towards websites by inserting addresses. For this purpose I explained on multimedia and they practice on their own computer. They are quiet good in learning of practical things. The time of break is over and we back to class room for remaining part of the lesson.

Rest of Session
We concluded the session after lunch that parents must have a vital role for schooling of the child. We practically play a short role by a group by showing different scenes at home with children. This was quiet interesting and participants took high interest in this activity. The session concluded with thanks and appreciation.

Pray and Play
Today, soon after prayers we all arrived in the ground to play games. Females played cricket with their own way and close to the female game rush males played Volley ball. We did enjoy a lot in games. The last time of the game, male and female both jointly played cricket. They learned more bitterly that previous day. We are trying to eliminate hesitation, miss perception of women play games and their fear about gossips in the society through motivation.

Reflective session

Soon after dinner we all again set the reflective session in social area. Today we wrote reflection of individual. Soon after the individual task we wind up it and closely sit together. I elaborated about parent involvement in school. Madam taught us about parent involvement in home and I explained about parenting in schooling. By the end of this session I succeeded to get promise from all that every teacher when get back to Hushe Valley will convince a single man/women of the valley in a month. And additionally say to those man/women that please forward these messages to one of your dearest one and say to them to forward till more people in the community. Every one promised and looked like enthusiastic to do so the simple method to parenting in school matters and home as well. With this session got an end.

Proposal Writing
We discussed the PESTE analysis for the activity of “Scholarship for higher classes on merit base”. The participants discussed according to the views about FIFBM grant experiences and designing activity for it regarding merit and quality maintenance. With this we close the discussion for today.

Day 5 Friday

Madam took reflective session of all and the session hand over to Sir Sultan Aalam. He started teaching of parenting about school little bit and shortly moved to the question paper validity preparation session. He provided books and taught two formulas to prepare a final assessment paper in school. We divided into different groups and format of marks allocation for chapter, subjective portion and objective portion. All the teams successfully cleared the marks distribution till lunch break.

After lunch break we all male CPs went for JUMA Prayer at mosque out of PDCN and back to session on 2:00. Meanwhile few female CPs played cricket and few spend time in Library. We all sit again sit in class and start to prepare objective portion of the paper according to guidelines and criteria. The clock tick 3:00 at with this session closed for the first week.

Pray and Play
We all rested half an hour after tea and gathered in ground for a volley ball match. We did enjoy and females played cricket as usual. The session of game was too good and enjoyed a lot.

Reflective session

We all sit in social area soon after dinner and pray. I distributed them into groups as do usual. The same group which we formed and were working in class. We completed to finalize the remaining task of question paper preparation. We completed discussion after a long time around 10:00. We did enjoy working tirelessly during all the week.

Today due to long discussion we canít discuss about proposal writing session because light is off at 10:15 and tired too much as well. So we mutually decided to close for today. With this our first week comes to an end.

Day 6 Monday

After weekend we all were in class with more enthusiastic than last days. Then reflection of previous class was operated by individual. Meanwhile a female teacher called that she is ill and want to go to hospital. I took her to hospital and after treatment came back to session around 11:40. The teacher Sharifullah Baig was teaching child development. He taught about three major types of child development/learning.

  1. Cognitive:- the child who learn through his mind by thinking, observing, seeing, experimenting and knowing is called cognitive development.
  2. Affective:- The child who learn through otherís by living norms, values, words, thoughts and characteristics.
  3. Physical:- The child who learn through self doing, practically, by own hand and mind is called physical development.

The clock ticked 1:00 and sir leaved us towards social area for lunch.

Computer Classes

Soon after lunch we all again enter in computer lab.

Today we taught them how to access towards newspapersí websites and how to read them. We let them search local Urdu news papers of Gilgit-Baltistan. They read out one of those newspapers. Then they searched different articles and images on Google about todays lesson “Child Development”.

Rest of Session

The divided groups presented their charts on the board in front of the class and presented one by one by each group representative. Every group presented well about child development and process of child learning. After the presentation of CPs sir himself presented the theories of researchers about child development and education importance for child growth. The day ends and session closed here. I gathered only females there in class after departure of male CPs. The females were not taking participation equal to male. I expressed them about the importance of teach ourselves to move forward in our life. They somehow look confident to do participate as I elaborately discussed about their too low participation. Then they even verbally said ok sir we would like to participate in events and discussion openly as equal to boys.

Pray and Play
Some time we did rest for pray and moves to ground for play. Today we did enjoyed again a lot and girls rush towards library to search images of Hushe Valley on Google and their wishing things, views and items on Google. We ended around evening call for prayers.

Reflective Session
After dinner we all gathered in social area and starts to write up the reflection as it was our home work. After individually winded up reflections of the day we start some presentation skills practical there. I set condition and they acted like that. For example, I said please one of you will come here and present importance of water for class eight students. One came and delivers his presentation but his body language, movement, gesture, voice pitch and eye contact was too weak. I personally played that role and they did copy later on me. Same like that we did four participants equally two girls and two boys there. With this their session of reflection comes to an end.

Proposal Writing
We discussed about the remaining parts of proposal. We start Forces in Favor and Forces in against chart analysis. The next we did that was Stakeholder Analysis according to the interest and power stakeholder analysis grid. Tomorrow we will change this timing with before dinner here in social area. I gave home work to write up Goals, Objectives, and mission of the organization for which you are going to develop the proposal. In last of this session we touch the project life cycle diagram and its overview. With this we closed our today session and back to rooms for sleep.

Day 7 Tuesday

Today we did reflection of previous lesson individually from each group. Then we moved to Course Planning and its procedure. We wrote a one pager abstract of the given text book in each group. That one pager covers the entire book content and its aim for which this text book scripted for the concern level. We did it in different group for different level of text books till 8th level. Then we start to write chapter wise lesson distribution and designed specific objectives of the lesson. This activity consumed lot of time but we practically learned how to manage a text book for entire year by all means to cover the content teaching.

Computer Session
Today we taught them what is Power Point and what are its uses. I linked the class presentation procedure with practical action at computer lab. I switched on multimedia and step by step let them prepare a presentation slide. They opened PowerPoint and designed the blank page then scripted the Title of “My School” and subtitle “their names”. Animated them and created the second slide page. Then they add the title of Assembly and subtitles are features about assembly. Let them assign animation for these two headings. Let them create the third page and they successfully inserted a picture. They animated and transmitted it. Finally times come to an end for next and remaining session so we all saved it on desktop and they reopened and closed it.

Rest of Session
The divided lessons and objectives of each lesson needs to organize through a time frame. Sir distributed a calendar of the year and we find out all holidays and events vocations during academic year and rest of working days distributed amongst the specified lesson numbers. We did it with lots of interest and enthusiasm. With this the day ends here.

Pray and library
After pray and rest few times some of us moves to library to search something new and to learn about computer, internet etc. some of other rested till dinner.

Reflective Session
Today we wrote reflection of the day class and sit together as a class format to listen the lecture of four teachers. They all presented their assigned topics and all the participants enjoyed it. The next topics assigned to others and CPs shared their views to promote the Hushe Valley and importance of their role to develop the valley. They found much enthusiastic and passionate to do so while they live in Hushe Valley. With this the today session comes to an end here.

Day 8 Wednesday

Sir Sharifullah winded up reflection and hand over the class to sir Sultan. Today our topic was Conflict Resolution. He taught us there are four types of conflict occurs for power, basic needs etc. The first type of conflict is intrapersonal conflict which means to found class of ideas with in the human himself/herself. Secondly, interpersonal conflict states that the disagreement between two are more people called interpersonal conflict. The third one was inter group conflict which means that amongst group also can found disagreement or different point of view. The fourth and last one was international conflict. It means that two countries has conflict and can be possible different views about state, cast, culture, religion etc.

He elaborated the tackling techniques that how to prevent temporarily avoid from the conflict by explaining the following techniques.

  • Avoid,
  • Accommodate
  • Harmonize
  • Collaborate

He elaborated in details about its destructive aspect and constructive aspect. We assessed a Performa about self assessment for conflict resolution. It was quiet interesting. Then I operated an activity by which explained that how miscommunication exist and create between human beings.

Skype Meeting
12:30 we all were in front of the camera to have a wonderful online meet up with Baltistan Foundazoa educationists. In the class Dr.Mola Dad, Sir, Sultan Alam and all of our course participant teachers attended. The negotiation found a more visible and passion increase causing session. We all did enjoyed and happy to see them all and shared each otherís point of view. The PDCN staff was quiet satisfied with our team efforts during our stay in PDCN. The women participation for Hushe Valley development once again considered important and most prioritized in any activity. Dr Mola Dad expressed his views and motivated all of us more to put our best part to promote Hushe Valley development from grass rout level. With the Vote of Thanks on behalf of all participants and PDCN we winded up the conversation of Skype with sir Josť Manuel, Sir John, Madam Elena and Madam Eaunate.

Soon after the conversation he delivered a great and impressive speech to us and he linked his speech with Islamic verses and life examples. He stated that the Spanish people are a bless to Hushe Valley. Your real thanking way is only one when you all committed to put your part to develop the valley and start to spread the learned education.

Today weather was rainy and we neither play nor much time for computer lab. So we all prefer to rush towards library to study and search some things. We remain in library till dinner announcement.

Reflective session of the night
The reflection of the day we scripted in a short time. It was done in a short time because the day session was little bit. The females got bit late to wind up so the boys two groups assigned to write special wordings for enrollment campaign in Hushe Valley visible stones and attractive places. We somehow did around two pager quotations scripted like, “Education is our Right” etc.

The conflict resolution methods which taught to us during coordinator session here that I presented them with some more effective life examples and detail even in Balti as well where it was necessary.

Proposal Writing
On the other hand the proposal writing students assigned to design the organization introduction, origin, vision, mission, values and specific objectives of the current designing proposal project. What will be it benefit full for the valley and how will it sustainable after the proposing activities finalization.

With this we come to an end of this day at 10:00 pm. We all hurried back to rooms.

Day 9 Thursday

Today Sir Sultan conducted the reflective session and later on anger management discussed. The rest of session hand over to sir Sharifullah. He taught us Basic tips for English Writing. He motivated all CPs to put their ideas, expression, comments, and emotions in words on paper whatever they are. It doesnít matter it is right or wrong but it will be wrong if you donít write it. His session was so informative and interesting. He divided us into groups and activity to activity practically passed through sentence, paragraphs, stories and then essays. All the participants did enjoy it a lot.

Preparation and makeup
Soon after the lunch we few back to class by skipping computer class but rest of teachers moves to library. We entered in class again to prepare and for some make up for closing ceremony for tomorrow. We make some decoration pieces, an application and invitation to PDCN staff and teachers responsibilities assigned such like speeches etc.

Rest of Session
The remaining session conducted with better energy after lunch. We wrote an imaginary story with help of picture clues. A fifteen pager pasteurized book hand over to the different groups and they constructed different stories in the defined groups. He checked later on every one and commented on.

Reflective session
Today we wrote reflection in a very short form and try to move towards next activities.

Three girls and three boys delivered their lessons which yesterday assigned. They presented and I recommended the necessary changes and actions during classes. Their level of confidence gradually became more confident and today they are able to deliver an effective presentation.

Quotations write up
The two year Biscay project planned activity of enrollment and awareness comparing for Hushe Valley as writing quotations for educational right and better understanding. I thought the better way to encourage the future leaders is to give more importance them and let their thoughts visible to everyone in the valley. I instruct them to write their own quotations which are able to impress parents to send their children to school and one time thinkable about schooling. They did worked hard on it and their write up collected. These collected write ups will review in Machulo and InshaíAllah will effectively write it on walls of Hushe Valley with their names.

The course participants wrote their point of view about entire training session. They scripted down their feelings about the pedagogical training. Their views were before the training, during the training and their passionate aim after the session for Hushe Valley. They scripted into Urdu so, I will try to translate latter in one pager summary of their opinions.

With this we conclude our reflective plus feedback session around 10:00 and rushed towards sleeping beds.

Day 10 Friday

The session starts with recitation of Holy Quran and later on reflection session conducted. In the reflective session Dr. Mola Dad was also there and gave us feedback. He even practically modulated that how to respect and provide opportunity to learn others.

The reflective session and feedback got bit longer till tea break. Dr.MolaDad joined us in tea break too. He instructed us about to honestly work hard in Hushe Valley not only for Hushe Valley but also to entire community of Pakistan. He motivated us well and guided me some principles to lead the team.

Soon after tea break we started todayís session formally. Sir Sultan Aalam taught us Communication skills. He briefly instructs us about to communicate our messages in a professional manner to the school children, community and at home as well.

Before evaluating the course and post test of the participants I added half an hour about Presentation Skill and Noise in Communication to the audience. I tried to elaborate with practical life examples that how noise in communication channel occur. With this we conclude our session and move towards course evaluation/assessment.

The evaluation of course winded up and rushes up for lunch. We canít go to Juma Prayer today because of some minor security issue. We all again sit back to seats and starts post test which consumed around an hour. The tea break and some administrative tasks winded up and took rest for a while.


Group Photo

Award Distribution Ceremony

The group photo session winded up and moves to class room again to receive certificates from PDCN professional on the occasion of successful ending of the pedagogical skills training.

Dr. MolaDad

He wishes to give a lecture to us about life living principles to achieve excellence. We all gathered again about 4:10 and joined for his lecture. He delivered a very motivated and impressive lecture as he is master in it. We all did enjoy it and with excuses and vote of thanks from me on behalf of FIFBM and Course participants his session comes to an end.


Closing Ceremony and Conclusion

We arranged a closing ceremony at night after dinner in the provided hall. In which sir Sultan Aalam participated with his family. The session was formal and found very interesting. A female “Nuzhat” gave a speech on behalf of all female colleagues. Later on Ghulam Abbas presented his point of view on behalf of male participants. Their speeches were full of thanking words for their beloved BF and FIFBM. They conclude their speeches with thanking to PDCN and their Faculty members for such ending with full of learning. Sir Sultan Aalam was invited and he gave a speech on behalf of PDCN. He expressed kind feelings for Hushe Valley and shows their ambition to promote Hushe Valley. He motivated us to serve more and more. He thanked to all course participants, FIFBM, BF and PDCN for conducting such a fruitful session for the remotest valley leaders. After him, the stage secretary called to me for speech. I delivered a speech on behalf of FIBM and BF by thanking to all participants, PDCN and especially faculty members. My speech concluded with the hope and kind ambition to promote Hushe Valley on our first priority. Mrs., Sultan (wife of Sir Sultan Aalam) invited and she motivated us as well and to prove a good leader for the valley. She encourages the female teachers and instructed us to promote and opportunities them. The refreshment and music session was the last activity of this night and closing ceremony as well.

Thank You