By Kamal ud Din
Program Manager, Felix Foundation, Baltistan
02 April 2015

23rd March - The Resolution Day of Pakistan

Felix Foundation Baltistan aims to promote students' self confidence through a number of co-curricular activities. The academic year started on the 1st March and the students were soon busily occupied with both curricular and co-curricular activities. For the first time in the life of the Hushe Valley we, the FFB and Munawar Public School, started an inter-school co-curricular competition to enhance the students' leadership and self-esteem and also to promote educational awareness within the valley. The idea being to increase enrollment in the schools and improve the cooperation between the villagers. The range of activities covered knowledge of historical events of national, international, social, religious, traditional and linguistical importance. These will be of great use both for the students and society in general.

The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan gained independence from the sub-continent in 1947. The Muslim leaders of the sub-continent put their best efforts into achieving independence. Their struggles lead to the signing of the Lahore Resolution on the 23rd March 1940 at Lahore Mantu Park. In memory of the signing, the nationalists of Pakistan celebrate 'Pakistan Resolution Day', a public holiday in honour of the national heroes. The FFB decided to pay its own tribute by holding a speech giving competition. The competition was held at Munawar Public School's Machulo Auditorium on the day of the public holiday. The competition was designed to promote each students self-confidence, both males and females. The day started with a recitation from the Goly Quran at 10AM. Munawar school students performed the introductions and then moved on to the speech competition. Every school in the valley presented two speeches, one in Urdu and one in English. Three teachers were assigned by the hosting school to be the judges; Abdullah from Saling, Shaukat from MPS II and Ayoob Hussain from Hushe School. The judging was done according to set criteria and the scores recorded on point scale paper. The results were determined by their mutual agreement and the school scoring the most points.

It was good to note that male and female participation from every school was equal with 50% male and 50% female participation. Their confidence and ability was apparent from the way they delivered their speeches in front of an audience and in an unfamiliar place. Each participating student was awarded a medal and the winning school received a trophy. The students were happy and very enthusiastic about their educational development through this multidimensional opportunity. The speech competition was brought to an end by standing and singing the Pakistan National Anthem. The students left for their homes while the entire staff of MPS I, II and III with representative teachers from Saling and Hushe held a comprehensive session. Discussions were held about the future of educational development in the entire Hushe Valley. The session was designed to motivate the existing towards more and better educational coordination between the various schools in the valley. All the teaching staff were quite happy about the role of the Felix Foundation in promoting education. I delivered a motivational speech after which Ayoob Hussain, the Hushe School principal, delivered a very enthusiastic speech to unite everyone to improve educational development coordination in the local society through gender equality.

Munawar Public School male and female students leading the event

Saling, Machulo and Hushe Public School students presenting their speeches

Mr. Ayoob Hussain, Principal MPS Hushe, addressing the audience

Mr. Kamal ud Din addressing the audience at Munawar Public School, Machulo

23rd March 'Pakistan Resolution Day' being celebrated at Munawar School, Machulo

This event was on speech competition among Felix Foundation projecting schools of Hushe Valley (from Saling to Hushe). Students, community people and Teachers are getting pleasure from the youngsters’ gestures and accomplishments.

Hushe Mashabrum Public School came first in the speech competition

All participating students received medals while the winner trophy went to MPS Hushe

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