Inauguration of The Teacher Training Center, Machulo

By Kamal ud Din (Program Manager FFB) 3rd April, 2015

  1. Overview
  2. Photos of the TTC and the Inauguration Ceremony
  3. Summary


The Teacher Training Centre Machulo (TTC) was purpose built for teacher training. The building itself was designed with the aim of keeping alive and enhancing traditional Balti construction techniques. With the completion of the building, the Felix Iņurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo has made another giant step forward in the educational development of the Hushe Valley. The FFB has started improving education through the real changers - the Teachers. FFB will increase their professionalism through the facilities available on their doorstep at the new TTC. The Centre will polish their subject knowledge, computer use and skill based activities. Also, following its successful inauguration, the FFB has agreed to let Machulo School's students and administration use the TTC on temporary basis.

Photos of the TTC and the Inauguration Ceremony

Teacher Training Centre-Machulo

Local carpenters in action

Plastering the outside walls

Respectable Syed Muhammad, the Notables of Machulo, FFB's General Coordinator, together with teachers and students of Munawar School, Machulo, praying to Allah minutes before the opening of the TTC. Respectable Syed Muhammad and the Notables congratulated the FFB on providing such a quality service for community development.

Respectable Syed Muhammad entering the TTC in the Name of Allah, the most merciful and gracious.

Shamshair Ali, General Coordinator of the Felix Iņurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo, briefing Respected Syed Muhammad about the TTC, its funding, construction, purpose, current usage and future aims.

Sweets were distributed amongst students and participants.

Respectable Syed Muhammad viewed every room in the TTC

The staffroom and hall

A classroom

The principal's office


The religious leader inaugurated the Teacher Training Centre in the Name of ALLAH and heralded a step forward for the valley's development. He congratulated everyone in the community and especially the teachers and students. He added that the full credit goes to the Spanish supporters of education and the local members of the Felix Foundation for their wordless effort and sincerity towards the development of the Valley in many fields, especially education. The Notables of Machulo gave their appreciation of both the Spanish and local Foundation members in keeping quality in developmental service with equity and equality. We are all hopeful, and thankful to the donors, that this valley development will improve life for the residents of the valley through even better education.

Thank You!