Munawar Public School wins third place in the All Ganche NAAT Competition, 2015


By Kamal ud Din
Program Manager for Education
Felix Iņurrategi Foundation Baltistan Machulo
April 2015

News from the Principal's Desk, Munawar Public School Machulo

Twenty-seven English Medium Private Schools in the Ghanche District participated in the regional NAAT competition. Iftikhar Mehdi, a student in Class 6 at Munawar Public School, Machulo took part in the district level NAAT competition held at Inter College Khaplu. This was the first time in the Munwar school's history that it took part in a district level competition. The result was a great success with Iftikhar coming third against competitors from all twenty-seven English Medium Schools. The judges awarded him a Shield of Honour for his glorious performance.

Iftikhar Mehdi with the NAAT shield of honour