English Language Skills for Women Leaders of the Hushe Valley


Held at the Felix Guest House, Machulo on 09 April 2015
Sponsored by Felix Baltistan Foundation under the Biscay Project (activity # A.2.1)

Report by Kamal ud Din
Program Manager for Education
Felix Foundation Baltistan


  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Overview of the classes
  4. Course participants and staff
  5. Day 1
  6. Day 2
  7. Day 3
  8. Attendance


Felix Foundation Baltistan Machulo (FIFBM) and their Spanish Counter Part (Baltistan Foundation) deem in socio-economic development of Hushe Valley through an assortment of activities. The aim of educational development compels both bodies to think about the professional competencies of the people expending through various activities. FIFBM has been working in Hushe valley for majorly in educational development. Three day English Speaking Course conducted to assist the tourist and to elaborate their problem to others in a better way. Hushe Valley women leaders participated in this course through the two year Biscay Project of Baltistan Foundation (BF). The three day English Language Speaking course for women leaders of this community by the collaboration of FIFBM and BF successfully winded.


The course objectives were to:

  • Make capable women to speak English fluently.
  • Enhance women importance in the community.
  • Develop women participation in society development through tourism.
  • Make comfortable way to share women problems themselves.

Overview of the classes

The English course conducted at Guest house and women leaders participated from the valley. Khaney, Kanday and Marzigound women can’t attend this course because of their busy schedule of domestic chores. The participated women completed three days speaking course and learned much from it. The instructor was an F.Sc student and she was quiet competent to teach them English speaking. She belongs to Saling and she scripted her three days happenings in her words that I composed as it is here as following.

Course participants and staff

1.Amina BegumFemaleSalingCourse Participant
2.HajiraFemaleHusheCourse Participant
3.Ishrat FatimaFemaleMachuloCourse Participant
4.Amina BatoolFemaleMachuloCourse Participant
5.Zahra BatoolFemaleBalaygoundCourse Participant
6.MaryamFemaleTalisCourse Participant
7.FatimaFemaleBalaygoundCourse Participant
8.AtiqaFemaleSalingCourse Participant
9.SadiqaFemaleSalingCourse Participant
10.SugraFemaleMachuloCourse Participant
12.ShahidaFemaleSalingGender Assistant
13.Kamal ud DinMaleMachuloP.M FIFBM

English language course, Day 1

In first section, I taught them how to introduce individuals whenever we meet to any tourist or any unknown person and have a conversation between each other, and also teach how to do ‘’greetings’’ on any specific interval of time. In any conversation there is a regular rule to be followed throughout the conversation. I got some problem because there are not uneducated so their pronunciation of English is wrong so I do the conversation again and again in one another. Secondly they mixed the questions in their introduction. But in last they did well. And also the Felix assistants co-operate with us.

English language course, Day 2

On the second day, firstly we do revision and in this time most of our women went for the shopping and the conversation of shopkeeper and a costumer is easy and the sentences are easy I did that. And also perform by practical. On their request I did a conversation with a doctor and also done by practical. And then I taught the names of utensils because the women in the village mostly spay their time I the kitchen so they have to be aware of these things. And I also taught them how to use these utensils by practical and some activities. Then they gave us a task that whenever we encounter to hire a room in any hotel they how to deal with them, so for this I did a conversation between a hotel manager and a guest. And this was the last conversation we did. The problem happen throughout these things is that we were forgetting the exact sentences so to overcome this problem I did more practices and I did well and succeed.

English language course, Day 3

In first section we did revision and on their request I did the conversation between a manager and a guest, and also did activity and discuss the body gestures and some common uses. To have the complete knowledge I did it also by practical. We are here in the tourist area so we should have to know how to talk with them to welcome and do their hospitality. So kept these things in mind I also did a conversation between a tourist and a local person. After this we did revision and went through the whole information and what else we got in these days. And we did the lunch. I am personally very thankful to the Felix Foundation and their assistants. Mr. Kamal and Ma’m Shahida also cooperate and support us so very thankful to them also. I felt very comfortable after the workshop and I am very happy and thank you once again.


Attendance, 09 April 2015

Attendance, 11 April 2015

Attendance, 13 April 2015

Thank You!