Munawar Public School Machulo, Sports Week 2015


Organized by MPS Machulo

Report by Zafar Iqbal (Sports In charge MPS)
Kamal ud Din (Program Manager, FFB)
17 June, 2015


  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Team and School
  4. Male games
  5. Pictures
  6. Female games
  7. Pictures
  8. Final day
  9. Final day group pictures
  10. MPS Hushe group picture
  11. Suggestions
  12. Conclusion


Munawar Public School Machulo (MPS) II designed a Co-curricular plan at starting of its new academic year for 2015. The plan allows its management to operate sports week at MPS. The sports week conducted at MPS by successive participation of MPS Hushe, Saling and MPS II. This activity aimed to enhance different skills in students like, management, leadership, self confidence and physical strengthens. The school management departmentalizes each activity at school. The sports activity comes under responsibility of Mr.Zafar Iqbal a teacher of MPS II. The school staff decided first to divide whole school students into two groups; Iqbal group and Jinnah group. The students formed in teams for different games from each group to compete. These two groups played different matches at MPS II in first two days and on the third day was final day of the sports week. MPS II Machulo invited others schools of Hushe valley. MSP Hushe and UPS Saling participated in the final day of sports week. The entire activities designed and managed by the sports in charge under MPS management heads after permission of funds from FIFBM.


The sports week was organized to achieve the following objectives:

  • To enhance leadership in students.
  • To improve communication and knowledge transformation relationship between projecting schools.
  • To encourage students skills
  • To teach tolerance, patience, excitement, game ethics for student

Team and School

S/NoNameStatusName of School
1Zafar Iqbal Sports inchargeMPS Machulo
2Manzoor HassanV. Sports inchargeMPS Machulo
3Bushra Player MPS Machulo
4Rehana Player MPS Machulo
5kizranPlayer MPS Machulo
6Mehmuda Player MPS Machulo
7Sakina Player MPS Machulo
8yasmeenPlayer MPS Machulo
9Maria Player MPS Machulo
10Masuma Player MPS Machulo
11Laiqat Player MPS Machulo
12ShahzadPlayer MPS Machulo
13QamarPlayer MPS Machulo
14TahirPlayer MPS Machulo
15shahidaPlayer MPS Machulo
16Saima Player MPS Machulo
17Saira Hussain Player MPS Machulo
18Syda TasneemPlayer MPS Machulo
19Ibrahim Player MPS Machulo
20G.Nabi Player MPS Machulo
21M.Tayeeb Player MPS Machulo
22Shujaat Player MPS Machulo
23Saqlain HameedPlayer MPS Machulo
24Shafqat Player MPS Machulo
25AmreenPlayer MPS Machulo
26Anila MaryumbiPlayer MPS Machulo
27M.Amin Player MPS Machulo
28Kamal Player MPS Machulo
29Karamat Player MPS Machulo
30Maryumbi Player MPS Machulo
31Reda KhanamPlayer MPS Machulo
32Maryumbi Player MPS Machulo
33Abida Player MPS Machulo
34Muhammad AuyubTeacherMPS Hushe
35Qamar AbbasPlayerMPS Hushe
36Ghulam NabiPlayerMPS Hushe
37Ghulam MurtazaPlayerMPS Hushe
38Ali Khan PlayerMPS Hushe
39Yousuf Ali PlayerMPS Hushe
40Muhhammad BashirPlayerMPS Hushe
41Mir Arif PlayerMPS Hushe
42Muhammad JamilPlayerMPS Hushe
43Musa KhanPlayerMPS Hushe
44Ghulam AliPlayerMPS Hushe
45Abdullah PricipalUPS Saling
46Haidary TeacherUPS Saling
47Saira Player UPS Saling
48Bushra Player UPS Saling
49Gul Faraz Player UPS Saling

Male games

S.NoName Of GameNumber of Players
2100 mater Racing4
3Tug Of War 8
43 leg racing4
5Apple eating 2



100 m race

Tug of War

Three legged racing

Apple eating

Apple eating

Female games

S.NoName Of GameNumber of Player
2Pitho (Locol Game)8
3Chair circling6
4Rope jumping8



Pitho (a local game)

Chair circling


Final day

Early morning shines a sunny day and principal MPS II received MPS Hushe Players with their Principal at MPS. Those students were quiet happy and their faces was sketching unfathomable happiness. After a while Saling School Students arrived with full zeal and zest to participate in the sports week event. The hosting school MPS welcome them all with a huge applause and gave them standing aviations. The final events were the followings:

  1. Cricket
  2. Pitho (local game)
  3. Tanis
  4. 3 Leg racing
  5. Chair circling
  6. 100 mater racing
  7. Apple eating
  8. Rope jumping
  9. Tug of war

Final day group pictures

The girls with their trophies

Iqbal and Jinnah Groups, girls teams

Iqbal and Jinnah Groups, boys teams with teachers

Iqbal and Jinnah Groups, boys teams

MPS Hushe group picture

Machulo Public School, boys team


The sports week and other co-curricular activities needed little bit resources to organize in a better way. We found some hurdles this year to initiate this sort of activities. In view of this year experiences we would like to suggest that if we facilitate funds earlier and enough then such sort of students provoking activities can handle easily and in a better way. We are sure that students are taking lots of interest in the games and due to games their attendance are improving a lot. We suggest having enough funds to participate all schools all along from Hushe to Saling. The sports kits, sound system, transportation, stationary for this purposes and other required expenses.


The students founds so energetic, enthusiastic, cooperative, passionate, obedient and so regular during the sports week and now too after it. They are attending school related matters more seriously than before this event. The attended schools’ students won few games and their moral got higher. We found students were enough competent to lead their teams, match situation handling was good too, excitement and passion for their groups and schools being observed a huge positivity. We would like to thank BF and team for keeping eye on our educational activities to boost up our students’ self esteem. The history is scripted here 2nd time in MPS and in Hushe Valley Community that Females played games equal to boys. Thank you MPS. Thank You FIFBM and Thank You so much Baltistan Foundation.

Thank You!