In the Name of ALLAH - Who is the most Gracious and Merciful...!

The 1st "EDUCATION CONFERENCE" Of Machulo Valley - 2015


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Chief Organizer:Kamal ud Din
Collaborations:Felix Foundation Baltistan
Mashabrum Student Community
Date:Sunday 2nd August, 2015
Reported by:Kamal ud Din (Program Manager, FFB)


  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Schedules
  4. Organising team
  5. Report
  6. Participants


Few years ago Machulo students make a get together at Islamabad with inkling to help students for higher studies and other educational concerns. That forum gave an idea to inaugurate a student community as an opportunity. Their exertion and trances comes true by establishing a student community at Islamabad. On the same retro Saling Students founded a student forum as well. Those student communities are still working and few senior students winded up their graduation from Islamabad. Those few are snooping to make difference by putting hands together. First, Mr. Kamal (program Manager FIFBM) discourse an idea of conference to Mr. Shamshari Ali (General Coordinator FIFBM) and other few senior students. They all were already thinking about such a podium. Finally, we are stepping-forward with the idea of this education conference. We have faith in Felix Foundation for assistance because they are significant facet of educational expansion in Machulo Valley. We all very thank full and pleasure to have such organization among us.


The objectives of the conference were:

  • To create educational awareness for the community
  • To facilitate students’ higher education
  • To provide educational career counseling
  • To work under an umbrella of communication
  • To browse researches and projects of students
  • To explore the social, sociological, historical, cultural and language dilemma of the Valley


Session 1

ActivitiesTime spanResponsible
Registration 11:30 am11:40 amRustam Ali
& Hassan Shahid
Recitation11:40 am11:45 am Akbar Ali
Welcome Note and Introduction
of Conference
11:45 am 11:55 amKamal ud Din
Importance of education and
necessity of communication
11:55 am12:30 pmSyed Basharat
Motivation and Development
in Education
12:30 pm01:10 pmBwa Mohsin
Representation of Balaygone
01:10 pm01:20 pmSakhawat Ali
Representation of Talis01:20 pm01:30 pmNoor Ali
Representation of Saling01:30 pm01:40 pmSaleem Abbas
Representation of Machulo
01:40 pm01:50 pmAli Shah

Session 2

Session 2:
ActivitiesTime spanResponsible
FIFBM vision of educational
development and motivation
02:30 pm02:45 pmShamshair Ali
General Coordinator
Vote of Thanks02:45 pm02:55 pmGhulam Nabi
(President Mashabrum
Student Community)
Feed Back02:55 pm03:00 pmParticipants
Question Answer 03:00 pm03:10 pmParticipants/Chair
Introduction of CPs03:10 pm03:20 pmIndividual

The Conference Organising Team

S.No Name of Team Members Responsibility
1.        Kamal ud Din Chief Organizer
2.        Muhammad Hassan Group Leader of Lunch & Tea
3.        Shair Ali Lunch & Tea
4.        Shoukat Ali Khan Lunch & Tea
5.        Sakhawat Hussain Lunch & Tea
6.        Ghulam Nabi Group Leader of Seating Arrangement
7.        Hassan Shahid Seating Arrangement
8.        Nisar Hussain Seating Arrangement
9.        Hashmat Ali Seating Arrangement
10.    Rustam Ali Registration
11.    Hassan Shahid Registration
12.    Zafar Iqbal Decoration & Protocol
13.    Muhammad Khan Decoration & Protocol
14.    M.Ibrahim Stage Comparing


In the Name of ALLAH who is the most gracious and merciful:

The conference started with the name of ALLAH subhan wa Taala. The audiences were silent and their eyes were seeing full of respect and faith with the name of ALLAH. The seats were full of students, parents, organizers and guest speakers to commit a new step for education development through such platform. The audiences were curious to know something new about education, educationists, counseling and guidelines to have quality education in different institutions of Pakistan. The comparing man decorated poetry of great national poet Allama Iqbal concerning motivation to the youth to prove themselves best among rest of the world.

Welcome Note and Introduction of Conference

The chief organizer Mr. Kamal presented the introductory speech of the conference. He welcomed to each and every participants in this session. The delegates who attended this session came from far away from this destination, thanked and appreciated. The next thanking lines were for Baltistan Foundation and Felix Foundation who always keeping keen interest to develop this remotest valley. The appreciation wordings stated to the entire organizing team as well; especially, Rustam Ali, Muhammad Hassan, Hassan Shahid and Ghulam Nabi. He expressed the future of this initiative to the audience as this conference will get expansion, more effective, massive participation and with something new methodologies. His speech concluded with the thanking expressions to the guests’ speakers, audience and BF & FIFBM for their participation and support.

Importance of education and necessity of communication

The guest speaker Mr. Syed Basharat Hussain invited to highlight the importance of education and necessity of communication to the audience. He started his magnificent speech with the name of ALLAH and soon after he versed of Holy Quran about the said topic. He linked his speech to the Islamic History of educational versions. He tried to motivate the students to accept the importance of education in their life and to others. His experience being a student shared as model lesson to the participants. His speech ended with prayers for Faith in education and continuous effort for most effective communication related to education.

Motivation and Development in Education

The chief Guest Speaker Mr. Molana Mohsin invited to address on Motivation and Development in Education. He first thanked; to Allah for being a part of this educational session, to Felix Foundation for support, to Mr. Kamal for take such a crucial initiative for education and to the students of this valley who are willing to listen him. The auditorium was with full of participants and silence were counting equally. He referenced to the Quaranic verses, Hadith, Islamic History, current educational scenario and his professional life experience to motivate the students towards education. His speech was too much fruitful and audience enjoyed his speech. He stated phenomenon of educational development and ways in development in education. He has believed in to educate mothers and primary education of each and every child. He sum up his massive address with prays to Allah for better future in education and to be faithful for youth generation.


The representatives of Balaygone, Marzigone, Talis, Machulo and Saling villages expressed their feelings through this platform. They voiced their problems, gave suggestions, feedback about this initiative and welcomed the effort of Mashabrum Students Community, FIFBM and the Mother of Hushe Valley “Baltistan Foundation”.

FIFBM vision of educational development and motivation

General Coordinator of Felix Foundation Baltistan Mr. Shamshair Ali invited first in 2nd session of this conference. He start his speech by thanking to Allah for such opportunity of leading the development in Hushe Valley. He welcomed all the guests and the participants in this session and appreciated the initiative of Mashabrum Student Community. He expressed his experience of educational counseling and its importance to the current studying youth. His speech got interesting when he touch the hearts of audience by expressing some fruitful examples to maintain a career and help them out in selection of different areas of studies. His speech winded up with thanking again to the audience, guest speakers, chief organizer and organizing team. He left the rostrum with promising to the youth that we, FIFBM and BF has always keen interest to help education and development of Machulo Valley and our entire possible support will be for this valley.

Vote of Thanks

The audience was about to get bore but meanwhile the stage comparer call up on rostrum the President of Mashabrum Student Community Mr. Ghulam Nabi to present the thanking note. He presented his speech on thanking to the guest speakers, audience, Felix foundation, organizing students and parents who make this session successful and glorious. He intended to expand this setup to broader from next year. He invited to other students to participate this platform and make hands together for education development. He squeezed his speech with prays to Allah for more gratitude in educational expansion in this valley and set his highest hopes for better living condition of this valley to attain quality education.

Feed Back

The feedback session was scripted from participants and every participants was quiet satisfied with this initiative. Everyone expressed that this setup should be expand broader as much as the organizer can. The students thumb up for this effort. Almost everyone was curious to see next year in the same time frame with same setup of conference to attain broader objectives.

Question Answer

This students asked questions about the current educational scenario and possibility of a Higher Secondary School in this Valley. Mr. Noor Ali answered that it is possible to have a higher secondary but let government make a feasibility report about it as the government officials (Chief Minister GB) visited last week and expressed his feelings about higher secondary need. Mr. Kamal answered that a higher secondary is our need but have a glance on our primary, middle and high classes strengths, weaknesses and societal psychology concerning to send their sons and daughters to the higher secondary. The society has no willingness to keep their children in home town for higher classes because every government school is needed to improve their methodologies harshly. Mr. Shamshair Ali answered that Felix Foundation has intention to construct a higher secondary building in near future in this valley as there are no other college. But, according to the quality of education from all government schools especially primary sections needed to improve a lot. In this regard Felix Foundation has been trying to improve the primary education in the valley and those graduates aiming to get involved in higher secondary level. On the other hand we have to rely on government policies as well as they announced to conduct a feasibility report of Machulo valley for a higher secondary building.

Introduction of participants

Every participated student introduced themselves by speaking their names, village and qualification. Their confidence was observed and found them intellectual.

Conclusion with Prayers

In the last Mr. Noor Ali prayed to Allah Almighty to have complete faith in Allah, to enhance willingness towards educational expansion, to have opportunity of gathering in such spaces, to develop own and make capable to explore others and in the last he set his kind intention to have better gatherings for this conference next year.


Thank you!