Reported by Kamal ud Din (Program Manager, FFB)
6th August, 2015

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  1. Overview
  2. Flood Emergency in Ghanche District
  3. Role of Felix Foundation
  4. Relief and Emergency Responses
  5. Daily observation of Flood in Hushe Valley
    1. Marzigone
    2. Balaygone
    3. Talis
    4. Machulo
    5. Khaney
  6. Suggestion


Gilgit-Baltistan province has such a landscape where mountains and rivers has vital role in the climate changing. Pakistan has usually four seasons in a year as winter (December to February), spring (March to May), summer (June to August) and autumn (September to November). Winters are always harshly found mines 15 more or less and snow everywhere. The spring starts to cultivate crops everywhere. The most dangerous season is the summer where snow starts to melt and around mid of the season heavy rain fall starts. There is not a history or trend of flood in such a larger scale before 2010. Unfortunately, since 2010, entire GB region is in flood and larger scale of moon soon to date. The winter season fall lots of snow on mountain and in streams. These snow starts to melt when weather get clear and flood destruction gets start. The weather condition gets change and starts to rain heavily then again flood affects the whole area. This year, entire GB is in flood destruction and damaging crops, construction, human lives, animals, trees and homes everywhere in GB. Every day the river is changing its movement and shape due to increase the level of river. This symptom can see with a visible image in Ghanche district especially in Hushe Valley. FIFBM officials have been making visits with each village patronage members and observing the situation.

Flood Emergency in Ghanche District

Government of Gilgit-Baltistan announced flood emergency in District Ghanche after observing the massive flood destruction in all over GB and especially this district. The flood affected Chorbat, Thalay, Daghoni, Khaplu, Kharkooh, Thugus, Saltoro and Ghursay. On the other hand the Hushe Valley affected a massive destruction of flood and carrying away human lives, homes, landscapes, crops, trees and protection walls beside Hushe River.

Role of Felix Foundation

This foundation has a keen interest in development of Hushe Valley since a long time. FIFBM gave emergency responses to the flood affected villages of Hushe Valley since its establishment and when flood occurrence observed. Mainly, Kanday village damaged totally in 2000 and carried away more than 80 houses. Felix foundation gave food relief in time and helps them out to save children lives by feeding them. Later on Talis village affected by flood in 2010 and lost 13 people lives and more than 50 houses damaged totally. Felix foundation gave the ever best and historically outstanding relief response to the villagers in shelter, food, drinking water and medicine. The foundation constructed protection wall for the stream of Talis by spending approximately 280000/- PKR. The next year in 2011 Talis village got another massive destruction. This time flood carried away more than 60 houses and lots of their cropping fields. FIFBM constructed 35 houses and gave on-time emergency reliefs to them. This mega project got expenses of approximately 1.6 billion of huge amount. This emergency response was the highest among rest of all other reliefs.

Relief and Emergency Responses

As the main interest of FIFBM, Hushe Valley, this time also helping every flood effected area of Hushe Valley. The 2015 July-August flood is making destruction everywhere in Hushe Valley. It almost affected every village of the valley. FIFBM has been observing and helping the most effected villages of the community. Few weeks ago, Marzigone village got a massive destructive incident by cutting off drinking and cultivating water supply pipeline. FIFBM has noticed of this incident and facilitated them by providing water supply and irrigation supply water through pipeline. The response was the first and last till now and not observing any other relief from other source.

Daily observation of Flood in Hushe Valley


The Marzigone village has approximately 90 houses and a population of 900 approximately situated 20 km away from Khaplu. This village is just on right on the bank of Hushe River. This village rate of destruction due to flood is the highest amongst rest of villages of this valley. Felix foundation gave quick response and equipped them water for drinking and irrigation.

Two days before

Two days after


Balaygone village has approximately same figure of population and geographical location as masrzigone village. The Hushe River passes by distinguishing both villages from its middle of their landscapes. This river destruction as under through picture will visible more bitterly than words.


This village has lost two human being lives during this flood while they were trying to save their crops and trees. The rest of villagerís crops, trees and protection walls have been destroying since a month.


The most vast and populated village in the valley is Machulo. This village has a dynamic destructive detail this year.

River Flood Destruction

The Hushe river has been making a massive destruction down parts of the village. It has been observed a massive destruction by carrying away trees and crops beside the Hushe River. The pictures of daily basis observation will help to understand the real destruction.

Stream Flood Destruction

Ashoorpi hamlet is on the first from mountain side and most dangerous populated area of Machulo village. That hamlet observed a massive destruction due to heavy raining of last day and damaged completely many crops, fruitful trees, water channels and road. The pictures of this destruction as under;


Khaney village has the same scenario of destruction due to flood. Their crops, road, trees and water channels have completely been destroyed by this year flood which occurred two days ago.


The foundation canít give relief in responses of every damages of the residence lost of their property. That will be in billion but the villagers are suggesting saving this sort of unforeseen situation by making protection walls at different places of Hushe River.

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