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Sponsored by: Felix Foundation Baltistan Machulo

Date: 6th August 2015

Reported by Kamal ud Din (Program Manager, FFB)
6th August, 2015


  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Munawar Public School Machulo Tour
  4. Staff visit to Deo-sai and Astor
  5. Drawbacks
  6. Feedbacks
  7. Suggestions
  8. Conclusion


The Felix Foundation Baltistan school project "Munawar Public School Machulo" sponsored a recreational tour for the students of the Munawar Public Schools of Machulo and another tour for the teaching staff of the four community project schools of the Hushe Valley. The tour for the MPS students was confined to Hanjor Khaplu while the teaching staff visited historical places on the glorious Deo-sai plain, the world's highest plateau, and Astor (Rama lack).


The tours were aimed to

  • Enhance students’ self-esteem.
  • Disclose culture and traditions for the students.
  • Motivate the students and teachers.
  • Promote leadership and communication skills of teachers and students.

Munawar Public School Machulo Tour

Munawar Public Schools Machulo (I, II and III) comprising 180 students and four vehicles visited Hanjor, Khaplu. MPS II and III have two-two volunteers and they were also part of this group. The group departed from Machulo early morning at 08:30 and stopped in Khaplu at 10:00. The students managed a tea break and drinks during the short stay at Khaplu. The vehicles then moved towards Hanjour, the lashing green plain of Khaplu, which is 1.5 km away from district Khaplu. The students were grouped into two different setups; one vehicle reserved for boys, the second for girls and the last one allocated to the female staff and physically weak students. The Pakistani flag was fluttering in the pleasant atmosphere and students could be heard shouting slogans such as; “Pakistaaaan…!! Ziiiinda Baaad”, MPS...! Zinda Baad, Felix Foundation...! Zinda Baad, Baltistan Foundation...! Zinda Baad, Naat e Rasool (PBUH) and many more jokes and laughter.

Munawar Public School - Group Photo

Staff visit to Deo-sai and Astor

A group of teachers from the four project school communities visited Deosai and the Astor Valley. The group comprised nine teachers, four volunteer teachers and two cooks with the driver. The volunteers from both MPS were chosen for the tour to increase their motivation towards teaching in the Machulo Valley and with the aim of attracting more volunteers to the Machulo Valley Development.

Group photo at the campsite

The group members were:

S.NoName of teacherName of schooldesignation
1Mohammad KhanMps-iiPrinciple
2Mohammad Ali(Badal)Mps-iiTeacher
3Akber AliMps-iiTeacher
4Khadim HussainMps-iiiPrincipal
5Javaid AliMps-iiVolunteer Teacher
6Ghulam NabiMps-iiiVolunteer Teacher
7Munawar AliMps-iiiVolunteer Teacher
8Muhammad SaqibMps-iiVolunteer Teacher
9Ghulam RasoolMirAliwa P/s MarzigonePrincipal
10Ayoob HussainMashabrum p/s HushePrincipal
11AbdullahUnique p/s SalingV. Principal
12Muhammad HassanFelix FoundationAccountant
13Kamal Ud DinFelix FoundationProgram Manager

Day 1:- The group of teachers set off for Deosai and Astor on 22nd July. The team departed at 08:00 am for Skardu city and arrived 11:00 am. The lunch was organized at Skardu and shortly after lunch the journey started towards Deosai National Park. The road and driving was quiet safe and sounding. It was dark in the evening and a stay prepared at Deosai plane. A teacher made a call for prayer and teachers prayed to Allah. The cold and freezing night was quite awesome and our dinner recipes made our sleeps comfortable.

Day 2:- The group started to drive towards another end of Deosai where the Sheosar Lake came into sight. The lake was fantastic and after some pleasant time we advanced towards Astor city. Our cameras were continuously capturing the spectacular greenery of the Deosai and the valleys of Astor, like Chilim and camp pin up at Astor Rama. After a quick lunch, all the participants rushed towards Rama Lake. It took almost two hours of hiking to reach it.

Rama Lake group photo

Day 3:- After viewing the beautiful scenery of Astor we decided camp in Deosai for another night. It takes almost eight hours to arrive at Deosai and the lunch was finally served at 15:00. The weather was not so pleasant in evening time and it was almost inevitable our stay at Deosai beside the Sheosar Lake. We left Sheosar Lake and set up a camp in the middle of the Deosai plain, reducing the next day's travelling distance. The moon welcomed us to our dinner table. Serving fruit followed by a short dance party make our dinner all the more glorious.

Approaching Sheosar Lake in the jeep

Campsite beside Sheosar Lake

Day 4:- The group at last returned to Skardu safe and sound. The teachers were hopeful and willing to visit Kachura Lake so it was decided to travel towards Upper Kachura Lake and plan a short visit there. The Kachura Lake is almost 40 km from Skardu. Lunch was served before the Shangrila Resort entrance. The tour had reached it final destination and, with the best memories, was about to end. It had been a healthy and memorable journey and we were back to home that evening.

Enjoying the beautiful nature

Kachura Lake

Photo with the Shangrila Resort behind

Lessons learned

The following lessons were learned from both tours:

  • The participants were few in number hence there was not required presence from the teaching squad from different schools.
  • The registration of the participating students was not proper since the management was compelled to arrange extra vehicle in last moment.
  • The participants were few in number due to the harvesting time in the valley.
  • The destination was replaced due to the heavy waters and floods and bad condition of roads.
  • The female participation was not possible due to the harvesting time in valley.


Some feedback from both tours:

  • All the participants were happy and wished well for the tour.
  • The tour was generally well organized.
  • Group coordination was good.
  • Appreciated both (FIFBM and BF) for such sort of activities for Hushe Valley.


After both tours; some suggestions suggested for future actions are:

  • Every participant's presence should be guaranteed.
  • Distance tours should be organized.
  • The best performing students should be particularly encouraged to accompany this sort of visit.


Felix Foundation Baltistan and their counter-part Baltistan Foundation sponsors become possible a recreational tour for the students of Munawar Public Schools of Machulo and Teachers tour of the teaching staff of four communities projecting schools of Hushe Valley. The Mps students were confined to see Hanjor Khaplu and the teaching staff visited the factually splendid spaces in Deo-sai plain (The world highest plateau) and Astor ( Rama lack). The recreational activities were planned at the beginning of the academic year with aiming to enhance students’ self-esteem, disclose culture and traditions for the students, motivate the students and teachers and promote leadership and communication skills of teachers and students of Machulo Valley.

The Journey closed up with ‘Thanks a million to Allah...!!!’

Thank you!