"Pakistan Independance Day 2015

Quiz and National Songs Competition

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Hosted by: Masherbrum Public School Hushe


  1. MirAliwa Public School Marzigone
  2. Munawar Public School Machulo ii
  3. Munawar Public School Machulo iii
  4. Unique Model Public School Saling

Date: 14th August 2015

Reported by:Kamal ud Din (Program Manager, FFB)


  1. Introduction
  2. Event detail
  3. Participating teams
  4. Photographs


Felix Foundation has designed to encourage students’ self-efficacy through co-curricular activities by performing different activities. The school year started from 1st March and students are eventful with curricular and co-curricular activities. The first time in history of Hushe Valley we, the FFB and Munawar public school started inter-school different co-curricular competition to augment students’ headship, self-respect, to promote education within the valley to enhance more enrollment in schools and better cooperation between the stake holders. These diverse activities will envelop, to know about national, international, social, religious, traditional, and lingual importance, difference and historical events which will much constructive for apprentices and for entire the public.

The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan got independence from Sub-continent in 1947, 14th August, Friday. The Muslim leaders of Sub-continent put their best effort to achieve independence. Their struggle makes it to sign and pass a resolution on 23rd March 1930 at Lahore Mantu Park. After a long struggle within sub-continent the Muslims got independence on 14th August 1947. This day usually considered a holiday in Pakistan to pay tribute the national heroes. Felix Foundation set the intention to pay tribute to the national heroes by conducting a quiz and national songs competition.

Event detail

The competition held at Mashabrum Public School Hushe on the stated day. The contest projected to promote student’s self concept equally, male and female. The day started with recitation of Holy Quran at 11:00 am. Mashabrum Public school students performed the initial activities and later on moved to the national songs and quiz competition. Each school presented one national song. The hosting school (MPS Hushe) assigned the judging responsibility to three teachers, they observed through the set criteria and scoring inserted on point scale paper. The position sequenced by their mutual decision and according to the leading point scorer school.

The good thing was that female participation from all schools were in majority was observed. Their confidence level was showing the inner talent through their way of singing in front of audience and at a different place. The participated students were honored by prizes to winners. The students were quiet joyful and looking so much excited about their educational expansion through multidimensional characteristics. The quiz & Songs contest got an end by standing and singing the National Anthem. The students enjoyed the environment of Hushe and back to lunch. The day ends here and we sight off Hushe around 3:00 pm.

Participating teams

S.NoSchoolStudents in
Students in
National Songs
No of
1Unique Public School Saling231
2Munawar Public School Machulo ii462
3Munawar Public School Machulo iii363
4MirAliwa Public School Marzigone261
5MPS Hushe (Hosted)21All (07)
6Felix FoundationGeneral Coordinator & Program Manger Participated and Ghulam Mehdi Education Committee Member Miraliwa school represented parents' participation.


Ali Muhammad introducing the event

Students performing the National Song

Students answering during the quiz competition

P.M. Felix Foundation's address

G.C. Felix Foundation's address

Parents' representative distributing prizes

The students in the auditorium