AFAQ Education Expo and District Level Competition

and 11th September Event Celebrations

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Reported by:Kamal ud Din (Program Manager, FFB)
Date:19th September 2015


  1. AFAQ Education Expo-Competition
  2. Quaid-e-Azam Anniversary

AFAQ Education Expo-Competition

Munawar Public School participated in AFAQ Education Expo-Competition in Khaplu. The event was conducted at Khaplu Degree College. There were forty government and private institutes from all over District Ghanche. The education expo was conducted with various dimensions. One was to compare the student’s capacities in National Songs and speeches, second, was Painting, third was to compare in Quiz and fourth was to compare in Model and designs. Munawar School participated in four areas of competition as speech, quiz, national songs and painting. They observe the district level competition and its procedure. The students enjoyed and scored a tremendous result over than expectation of the teachers.

Felix Foundation has designed to encourage students’ self-efficacy through co-curricular activities by performing different activities. The school year started from 1st March and students are eventful with curricular and co-curricular activities. The first time in history of Hushe Valley we, the FFB and Munawar public school started inter-school different co-curricular competition to augment students’ headship, self-respect, to promote education within the valley to enhance more enrollment in schools and better cooperation between the stake holders. These diverse activities will envelop, to know about national, international, social, religious, traditional, and lingual importance, difference and historical events which will much constructive for apprentices and for entire the public.

The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan got independence from Sub-continent in 1947, 14th August, Friday. The Muslim leaders of Sub-continent put their best effort to achieve independence. Their struggle makes it to sign and pass a resolution on 23rd March 1930 at Lahore Mantu Park. After a long struggle within sub-continent the Muslims got independence on 14th August 1947. This day usually considered a holiday in Pakistan to pay tribute the national heroes. Felix Foundation set the intention to pay tribute to the national heroes by conducting a quiz and national songs competition.

  • Painting

    Munawar School participated in this competition with three students from level three, four and fifth. There were forty different school’s competitors. MPS scored fourth, fifth and ninth positions amongst 130 students from the forty schools.

  • Quiz

    There were one hundred and twenty students from forty different schools in this competition. MPS participated in this segment with their three students, Amreen, Saqlain and Maryambi of four and eighth level respectively. The scoring card was as Amreen got fourth position while Saqlain scored 9th position and Maryambi got 21st position among one hundred and twenty competitors.

  • Speech

    The forty schools has one speakers on the given topic to deliver speeches. The speech competition was quiet awesome and fantastic segment in rest of all segments of the event. MPS participated and its representative was a female student “Rida Khanam” of class 8th. She got 13th position in the event from rest of all forty boys and girls.

  • National Song

    The national song was competed through tableau on given topics. There were lots of color and too little students performing on the stage by taking national flags. They were waving it with a blink of smile on their faces confidently. This competition was the best performance segment in the auditorium. Every audience were clapping and enjoyed with the little champs’ performance. MPS participated in this segment with seven students by having one male and rest of six female little champs. The MPS team of national song performed well but unfortunately competition was so tough to observe and at last they scored the 16th position amongst forty competitors.

There was closing ceremony of the event in the college auditorium. The chief guest was come from Peshawar especially to participate in the event. He addressed to the audience and quoted that "You people are the luckiest people on the earth because you have peace in free. You people are polite and intelligent compare to any region of Pakistan. We have the peace in most expensive budget but you all have in FREE here. We have a fear to left open our houses doors at daylight but here the business man left open their shops and going to pray or anywhere else with a free mind but people don’t steal anything from that shop. I argue to you all that please give us this peaceful environment lesson and are a brand ambassador of peace in Pakistan."

Later on deputy commissioner encouraged the future talent of District Ghacnhe. He appreciated the event and participated schools’ students and teachers. He left a message to the students that "study hard for just to establish a good Nation". The college principal and rest of guests appreciated the students for their talents and performance. The guest awarded position holders with shields, cash prize, certificate and trophies. The MPS Principal Muhammad Khan received the award of “Principal Acknowledgment” from the guests.

Quaid-e-Azam Anniversary

11th September the Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan celebrated in Saling Unique Public School. Different schools participated from Hushe Valley in this event. There was speech and national songs competition on assigned topics. The speech competition was conducted first after recitation of Holy Quraan and Naat Rasool S.A.W.W. Hushe Masherbrum Public School, Munawar Public School ii, Munawar Public School iii and Saling Unique public School students presented their speeches on the assigned topics. The judging panel of teachers gave score to the performers according to their way of speech. The judging panel announces its result as Hushe School got 1st position in speech competition, while mps ii got 2nd and mps iii got 3rd position. The event was so colorful and students were enjoying. The female students were performing more than boys. At the end teachers and guest delivered their speeches on right to education and parents’ appreciated the performance of the students and role of Felix Foundation for conducting such sort of confidence building events. The guests and teachers awarded trophies to the position holder students. The national song competition was won by Saling School, 2nd was MPS iii and 3rd was MPS ii.

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