MPS Annual Results Announcement - 2015

Held at Munawar Public School, Machulo on December 14th.

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Photographs by:Kamal ud Din (Program Manager, FFB)
Date:14th December 2015


Munawar Public School Machulo (MPS) announced its annual Examination Results on Monday 14th December 2015 at MPS Auditorium, Machulo. The school welcomeed all educationists, parents, youths, teachers, students and especially mothers are welcome to this massive event aimed at encouraging future leaders.

This event was special because the entire occasion was organised, managed and performed by MPS Students. This year two girls were appointed to lead the mega-event, they were Amreen Fatima and Eshrat Bano of 4th and 7th classes, respectively.

'Little Champs' also performed at the event while the Felix Foundation Baltistan was the co-host and it was reviewed by the Masherbrum Student Community. The audience was addressed by teachers, guests and the School Management Committee. MPS Machulo distributed awards to to students in first, second and third positions, also Best Teacher, Highest Attendance, Cleanliness, Cooperative Parent and, last but not least, the top award of "STUDENT OF THE YEAR" award to highest scoring, most neat and clean, maximum attending and most active participator in co-curricular activities.

The event was free and lunch was provided for the guests. MPS organised a High-Tea for the parents.

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Below are photographs taken during the event:

Amreen Fatima, student of the year, receiving her award from principal Sir Alam from the Degree College, Khaplu

Saling School (1)

Saling School (2)

Saling School (3)