English Beginner Course


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Project name: EDUCATION (Biscay)
Activity: English Beginner Course A.2.1
Duration: 3 days
Supported by: Baltistan Fundazioa "BF"
Report by: Kamal-ud-Din
Program Manager for Education
Felix Foundation Baltistan
Date of report: 20th of April, 2016


  1. Objective
  2. The beneficiaries
  3. The three day course, day by day
  4. Photographs
  5. Daily attendance lists


The objective was to foster local development through participation of women leaders.

The Beneficiaries

The people of the Hushe valley; the villagers of Saling, Machulo, Talis, Baleygone, Marzigone, Khaney, Kande and Hushe are the direct beneficiaries of this project. All the vocational centers in this region are the target centers. The enrollment of students in these centers is remarkable and is now more than two thousand. An effort will be made to further increase this strength for skills. The eight community women leaders are the course participants who are the major stakeholders in this activity.

The Three Day Beginner English Speaking Course


The first day of the course was started on 12th April at 10:00 am with the recitation of holy Quran. After the introduction of students and teacher the formal activities started to speak English. The teacher starts to teach how to introduce first ourselves to someone else on first, 2nd, 3rd time, and in formal and informal states.

Warm up activity: - The participants were distributed in groups for a competition of introduction of fellows in English. A game sort of activity in group to discuss and learn the parts of human body.


First, the whole participants reflected their previous day lesson and practice with the students. The trainer helped and was teaching like a friend to the participants. The entire participants were totally illiterate and they were learning very quickly. This day second sitting availed the opportunity to learn how to ask questions and how to reply in English.

Warm up activity: - Now the time is to learn some basic vocabularies. The teacher used play cards of Animals, domestic material pictures, showed the readymade charts on which name of things and places were written, Plants, birds and cloths which they use in daily life. This day winded up with a short reflection of whole day through an interesting game in group competition.


Two days reflection and a short overview of learning during previous two days were asked. Later, she teaches them how to make a dialogue between two or more people, especially in strangers or visitors. Repetition of sentence making and vocabulary practice session has done for an hour. A conversation activity between a patient and a Doctor done. The day ended with clapping for the teacher in honor and respect and for the quickest learner.

Photographs from the course

Daily attendance lists