Higher Education Grant Applications


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Project name: EDUCATION
Supported by: Baltistan Fundazioa "BF"
Report by: Kamal-ud-Din
Program Manager for Education
Felix Foundation Baltistan
Date of report: 28th of April, 2016


  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Approval
  4. Advertisement
  5. Test and Interview Panel
  6. Test
  7. Merit List
  8. Photographs
  9. Attendance List


Felix Foundation Baltistan has been promoting girls for higher education to universities far away from home. The foundation granted over 50 students to complete their higher studies. The psychological phenomenon is changing in Hushe Valley and people are willing to send their daughters towards cities in universities for higher studies. Felix foundation has believed in expanding always educational scenario in this valley since a long time. Their efforts shaping this time in two year Biscay project including education and other massive programs. To achieve the two year Biscay project objectives 10 female students are scheduled to select for their higher studies.


This activity aimed to;

  • Expand female education through encouragement
  • Promote educational thoughts especially concerning women education
  • Aware to the society about female education learning


  1. Baltistan Foundation

    Baltistan Foundation scheduled the two year Biscay project and programed 12 scholarship aids for girls who want to continue their higher studies. Their approval concerning 12 grants for female students was scripted in two year project activities detail document. Their timeline was set and according to that we tried to move for next step.

  2. Felix Foundation Balatistan

    The foundation called up a patronage meeting and discusses this activity in detail. The members structure a selection committee for this activity by including these people.

    1Kamal ud DinP.M FFB
    2Muhammad IsmailMember
    3Noor AliMember
    5Saima ZaidiGender Coordinator FFB

    This committee makes a call through advertisement for application in entire valley, website and in Daily Newspaper. The seating quota was assigned by the patronage member as following; (Two was given in 2015 and rest of 10 has granted this year)

    S.#Name of the VillageQuota / Seats reservedYear
    3Marzigond 12016
    9Special Seat for Medicine Student (Saira Ishaque)12016
     Total122 years


The advertisement for members

Test and Interview Panel

Members of the test and interview panel


According to the advertisement the last date of application submission was 22nd April, 2016 and till that 18 students submitted their application for grant. The test and interview was conducted on 24th of April 2016 in Guest House (FFB office) by the appointed committee along kind cooperation with General Coordinator and former P.M education of FFB. The test was designed very simple but it was in two different levels (a question paper for matric to F.A and another was set for B.A to above). There are still two seats are reserved this year (As Hushe and Balaygone not appeared in the test). The appointed test committee has suggested that the remaining two vacant seats will decide in next coming Patronage Meeting. Finally, this year there will be eight girls will go for higher studies from FFB grant activity.

Merit List

  1. Machulo

    Merit list for Machulo

  2. Marzigone

    Merit list for Marzigone

  3. Khaney and Kandey

    Merit list for Khaney and Kandey


Attendance List