Aims of Content and Pedagogy Training for Hushe Valley Teachers


The aims of Content based Training is to enable the teachers reflect upon their competencies, keep them up to date, and develop their content based knowledge further.

Keeping in view the above mentioned aims Felix Foundation Baltistan organized 11 days content and pedagogy training workshop for Hushey valley teachers from24 th July to 3rd August 2017 at Machulo. 24 number of teachers from the following schools participated in the training program.

  1. Munawar Public School Machulo I
  2. Munawar Public School Machulo II
  3. Munawar Public School Machulo III
  4. Government Primary School Marzigond
  5. Government Primary School Balaygond
  6. Government Middle School Talis
  7. Unique Model School Saling
  8. Government high school Khaney
  9. Amin Braq Public School Kanday
  10. Mashabrum Public School Hushe

Need based analysis was carried out by the trainers and by the management Felix Foundation Baltistan to identify 24 numbers of teachers as participants of the training. To train the participants two talented and experienced teacher educators (Resource Persons] were hired from Government Education Department Ghanche to conduct the said training effectively.

Credit: Ghalib Hasnain