FFB supported projects

In the FFB we firmly believe that development should be promoted and managed by the community according to their abilities, developing the recipes that we consider to be appropriate for the north of the country. The Foundation is a catalyst to the community of the Hushe Valley, helping it move away from the poverty which was once deemed inevitable and ensuring sustainable development.

The work of the FFB began in the village of Machulo, a remote village of about 3,000 residents at an altitude of nearly 3,000 meters. The living conditions are very hard, not only because the climate and geographical location keeps them isolated from the rest of the country, but because of a lack of development in basic areas of education, health, productivity and gender equality.

The FFB together with the Baltistan Fundazioa and other local NGOs work for the integrated development of the whole valley, bringing inprovements in the areas of education, agriculture, community building, organisational development, health, infrastructure, tourism and gender.

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