Fida Hussain, a student from Saling, has had a unique but emotional and fruitful history. His parents died when he was young and he was brought up by his uncle. He was a passionate student but had little money to pay for his education. In the summer he worked for tourist groups as a guide, porter or waiter. The rest of the year he spent on his studies. He moved to Islamabad for his intermediate studies where he found the life of a student to be hard, but never gave up the struggle, obtaining his bachelor degree from the most prestigious institution in Pakistan - Punjab University.

Financial concerns continued to trouble him and his higher studies looked uncertain. When the Felix Foundation heard about his struggle it gave him a grant to complete his Masters Degree, fulfilling his life's dream. He was amongst the poorest candidates to receive a FFB grant.

The grant enabled him to earn a Masters Degree in Journalism from the University of Peshawar. Now he works for FM Radio in Islamabad, earning a good salary and serving Pakistan as a volunteer journalist in various forums where he is able to highlight community problems.

The FFB is proud to have been able to support him in securing a good future for himself and his family.