Ms. Hajira of Hushe is uneducated. Being paralysed and having no family apart from her husband, she was facing huge problems to feed and support herself. She enrolled in an FFB sewing course at the Hushe Vocational Training Center where she learnt the basics of sewing. Gradually, with the help of a variety of sewing courses held close to her home, she gained certification. Now she is the Master Trainer at Hushe's Vocational Training Center where she teaches essential skills to the women of the village. The training enables them to earn money and save reources.

Hajira earns an income from the Master Trainer job and from the sale of her own hand-made products - local items, uniforms and other cultural items. She has a good market for her skills and is the most economically stable woman living at the 'end of the world' in Hushe Village.

Hajira says: "Thanks to Allah for giving us FFB and the opportunity to make something beautiful".