Meer Muhammad of Machulo comes from a poor family and has no income to support his family. His daughter is deaf and was unable to attend the local school due to her disability. Unfortunately, there are no special schools near Machulo. As a result she was being excluded from the community and her parents were extremely worried about her future. The Felix Foundation assessed her condition and then enrolled her at the Vocational Center to learn skills to give her support and independance. She learned to sew and moved on to become a specialist tailor in the community. Today she earns a good living from sewing and selling clothing. She has stability and her standard of living has significantly improved.

Her parents are speechless, giving thanks to Allah and the Felix Foundation's team. Their daughter is a role model for other unskilled and poorly educated girls in the valley. The Foundation gets great pleasure from knowing that the expertise and qualifications gained from its local vocational centres enables women and teenage girls to earn a living.