Mr. Fida Ali and Mr. Iqbal of Machulo and Saling villages, respectively, both have a keen interest in argiculture. By profession they are teachers but together they introduced the very first greenhouses ever seen in the Hushe Valley. The Felix Foundation provided them with seeds, training, materials, manpower and access to information and professional feed markets. Thanks to the greenhouses, Fida and Iqbal can offer a diverse selection of vegetables to the local markets.

Now they offer training to other farmers in the community who also want to build greenhouses to boost their incomes and improve their standard of living. The Foundation has supported a number of training sessions and workshops, as a result nearly 30% of the communities in the three villages now have their own greenhouses.

Fida says: "The FFB is a ray of hope for the people Hushe Valley".

Iqbal says: "The FFB is the beam of light for the people of Hushe Valley".