The FFB would not be able to operate without help and funding from other organisations. We work continually to find supporters who share our vision of bringind education, health and a better standard of living to the Hushe Valley and other remote areas of Baltistan. You will find links to some of our supporters below:

The Juniper Trust

The Juniper Trust was founded in 1994. The trust supports projects around the world. It shares a similar vision to the FFB; "to work in a low-impact, sustainable way to support the poorest communities, particularly children, listening to community needs in the developing world and working in equal partnership". The Trust works closely with well known UK adventure travel operator, KE Adventure Travel.

The Juniper Trust currently supports two vital IFBM projects:

  • Baltistan Teacher Training, Hushe. Link...
  • Teachers' Salaries, Khane School, Hushe Valley. Link...