Three-year socio-economic development plan approved

Approval gained for the three-year socio-economic development plan.

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Venue: Guest House Machulo, Office of Felix Foundation Baltistan  
Report by: Kamal-ud-Din
Program Manager for Education
Felix Foundation Baltistan
Date of report: 19th of March, 2016  
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PhotoMeeting Agenda

Discussion with the participants

The meeting was good spirited and well attended by the public. The notables, religious leaders, teachers, board members and FFB staff contributed their valuable ideas to the discussion of the strategic plan with Dr. Moladad. There were nearly 50 people from the valley present to deliberate the plan and the discussion lasted for almost 2 hours. The head of the Professional Development Centre North (PDCN), Dr. Moladad Shafa, presented the final draft of the plan and specified its objectives and major activities. The conversation session with questions and answers about the absolute, well-defined and arranged activities was extremely valuable in clinching the session and plan. The sitting helped all the stakeholders to acquire a comfortable, mutual knowledge about the start of the vallet improvement.

Agricultural training demonstration
Agricultural training demonstration


Approval of the Strategic Plan

We, the FFB patronage members, community notables, religious leaders and teachers, would like to achnowledge the tireless efforts of the Baltistan Fundazioa (BF) and the PDCN the three year socio-economic developmental strategic plan. We are delighted to approve it as the final draft of the plan for socio-economic development of the Hushe Valley. All the participants (notables, religious leaders, teachers, FFB board and staff and the community leaders) have signed to accept the final draft of the plan.

Women at work in the fields
Women at work in the fields

Vote of Thanks

The community of the Hushe Valley is deeply indebted. We would like to pass our most heartfelt appreciation to the whole of the Baltistan Fundazioa team for dedicating their valuable time to the project. The Felix Foundation Baltistan is extremely grateful to the council of Bizkai, Basque Spain, for their significant contribution the improvement of the Hushe Valley. We are also grateful to the Agha Khan University Professional Development Centre North, Gilgit, for their technical assistance throughout the development of the plan, including visiting the remote valley several times despite the harsh weather. Particular thanks goes to Dr. Moladad Shafa.

A village carpenter
A village carpenter

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