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1. Ghulam Abbas and Arman Ali

The first of our 'success stories' highlighting how we have been able to help individuals in the valley...

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Arman Ali
Arman Ali
Mr. Ghulam Abbas, a resident of the village of Saling, was one of the poorest in the community. Then, when he and his wife were in their fifties, God gave them a great gift - their one and only son, Arman Ali.

Arman's parents took his education seriously and Arman started school in Saling, but, when Arman reached 5th grade, his family couldn't afford to pay for more education. Fortunately, the Felix Foundation found out about their problem through their representative in Saling and immediately offered support for transport and tuition fees at the public school in Khaplu.

When Arman had completed 6th grade, his father sadly passed away. It was the biggest tragedy of Arman's youg life, losing his father's moral, spiritual, psychological and emotional support. He made the decision to stay at home to look after his mother and work their small fields. However, the Felix Foundation stepped in once again with an offer to pay the costs of his entire education

Arman was a hard working and
intelligent student, scoring high marks throughout his academic tenure. The Foundation's support enabled him to complete higher secondary school, graduating at the top of his class. He is now looking for a place at the university in Islamabad.

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