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2. Ali Muhammad

The story of how we helped Ali Muhammad from Machulo to get a bachelor degree and eventually become Principal of the Munawar Public School.

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Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad

Mr. Ali Muhammad from Machulo was an intelligent student, coming top in the district elementary exams in the 8th class. He then moved to Khaplu to study science. The two years of study were a struggle because his only source of income was from part time teaching positions in various academies in Khaplu.

After completing his intermediate studies, it appeared a bachelor degree would be unobtainable since it would require him to move to a city, something he could simply not afford. He was about to give up, but the Felix Foundation offered him a stipend and shortly afterwards he arrived in Islamabad where he studied commerce.

On graduation, Ali moved back to the Hushe Valley where he started to serve the community, teaching in a Foundation school as a voluntary teacher for one year. The Foundation continued to support him with a small stipend during his year as a volunteer. Later he was appointed Principal of the community's first English Medium School - The Munawar Public School Machulo.

Several courses in teaching and capacity building were provided by the Foundation enabling him to take a career examination and interview, gaining a government teaching job and thus providing inspiration to other young people in the community. Today he is serving the community as a talented, enthusiastic and committed teacher working in a number of schools in the Hushe Valley.

As Ali says: "The FFB changed my entire life, nurturing me with quality education and building my capacity through workshops and training programs. All my appreciation and gratitude goes to the FFB for their sincere care towards the community".

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