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5. Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khan was selected for an Activity Grant, he used it to study commerce in Lahore before returning to the valley as a teacher...

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Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan

Mr. Muhammad Khan was another poor student from Machulo. After passing his intermediate level education with a good grade he was selected by the Foundation for an Activity Grant. Muhammad used the grant to study commerce in Lahore before returning to the community to work as a volunteer teacher.

Following his tenure as an FFB volunteer, he was appointed a Principal of the Munawar Public School, Machulo. A proficient accountant, he also handles the accounts at three branches of the Munawar Public School. In addition, he is the sole provider for his entire family.

The FFB is proud that Activity Grants have now enabled over 60 men and women from the Hushe Valley to attain higher degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan. And the number continues to rise.

Muhammed says: "I have seen huge improvements in levels of education throughout the Hushe Valley thanks to the efforts of the FFB and BF".

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